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First CSA Pickup will be Wednesday, June 19 from 2-6pm

Hello everyone and welcome to the CSA season at Eureka Organic Farm! Now that we're in June, I'm sure you're wondering when our first CSA pickup will be, and here are the details:

The first CSA share will be available to pick up on Wednesday, June 19 from 2-6 pm at the farm, with subsequent pickups every Wednesday afternoon until the end of September. Our address is 170 Eureka Road in Springfield. Please pull into the driveway by our greenhouse past the house, and park facing the tree line (you'll see where the grass is mowed for parking). If you have mobility issues the driveway in front of the barn is open to you. After parking, there is a sign up the hill directing you to walk to our big barn. It says “CSA Pickup” with an arrow. Please avoid walking between our supply barn and the house deck.


Once you're in our big barn, please give your name to Seth or Christine and one of us will check your name off our list. The barn will be set up market style and we'll direct you to what types of vegetables you can take and how many of each. There will also be signs to help you out, and feel free to ask questions! This is one of our favorite parts of farming, where we get to chat and get to know you all! You can pack your vegetables into your reusable bags and then head home to get cooking.

If you have not yet paid for your share, please bring payment with you at the time of your first pickup. Unless we have made prior arrangements, we won't be able to give you your share without payment in full.

We're looking forward to meeting you! We've been busy in the fields for the past month and it's all looking good out there. Can't wait to share those veggies!

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