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We're Farmer Seth and Farmer Christine

Just two lovers of great food, bright sunshine, and good old-fashioned dirt. We’ve been farming together for close to ten years and we’ve got a young daughter and son who are growing up as outdoorsy farm kids. Eureka began in late 2021 when we decided to start a Community Supported Agriculture membership farm on these 51 acres of soon-to-be certified organic land. We love tasty meals and growing food for like-minded folks like you.



  • Lives to hear his kids giggle

  • Worked for a surgeon before deciding he missed being outdoors and switched to farming

  • Loves telling terrible dad jokes like this: How much does the roof cost? Nothing, it’s on the house!

Now you know a little about us.

And we know you want to feel good about how your food gets to your table.


Let me tell you something: we’re with you all the way.


  • Is one of the few people who thinks puns are funny. 

  • Became a certified herbalist so she could help people using herbs and food

  • Will stop everything to pet goats


We believe you should know your farmers, because there's something just right about buying locally grown food from someone who knows your name.

We want to help you feel confident that your dollars are supporting a local farmer who's committed to helping you feed your family the right way.

And when you join our CSA and use our vegetables and recipe suggestions, we'll not only grow your food, we'll help transform the way you eat.

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