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We're Almost There, Eureka Organic Farm 2024 CSA Members

It's official: planting season has begun. We've been busy in the greenhouse this last month, seeding all of our early crops and some of our long season crops as well. In addition to onions and spring greens, I've got broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and tomatillos coming up in trays -- hopefully their early start means we'll have these good things to share this year for a long summer, wind and weather willing! We also started prepping our fields, and put in peas and carrot seeds last weekend. We're looking to get kale seedlings in the ground next week, giving our plants a head start so we have many tasty things for your table come June.

I've heard from a few CSA members and community members that they'd like to stop by the farm to help out in the greenhouse or with a project once or twice this summer. If this is you, I will send out an email announcement when I have a project in mind, and anyone who is interested can sign up. I'm looking forward to it.

If you haven't yet sent in a check for your CSA share, please do so before June 1, or send us your payment via Venmo. In the meantime, please join us on Instagram and Facebook for farm updates.

One of our community members will be conducting butterfly surveys of our surrounding neighborhood this year. If you fall into either of the two squares on the maps below, please reach out if you'd like to have her survey your yard for butterflies this summer. You can read more about the butterfly survey below.

See you soon!

Christine and Seth


I am a resident of nearby Perkinsville, VT and am participating in the Vermont Butterfly Survey, a project of the Vermont Center for Ecostudies. This multi-year scientific study will gather data on all Vermont butterfly species over the next four years (2024-2027). In order to gather a statistical sample of butterflies, certain locations around the state have been designated "priority blocks" and I have taken responsibility for surveying the two priority blocks that cover many parts of North Springfield and Springfield.

In addition to visiting parks and other public spaces, I am looking for landowners who will allow me to visit their properties several times through the season (now through October). I will usually be carrying a butterfly net, a camera or phone, and binoculars. Sometimes I capture the butterfly long enough to photograph and release it. Sometimes I put it in a little bottle and into a cooler to chill it for a few minutes. This makes it sleepy so it can be carefully observed and photographed from several angles (for correct identification) -- then I release it after it warms back up for a few moments. More easily identified species can sometimes just be counted through binoculars. 

Butterflies are active during warm, sunny days without too much wind (lucky me!) so I would be conducting these surveys during the daytime hours when the weather cooperates. I try to remember to put a vinyl sign on the side of my car identifying the Vermont Center for Ecostudies when I am surveying, but I don't always remember...

If you would welcome me to visit your land, I'd need to know your address, the approximate boundaries, any instructions about where to (or not to) go, and restrictions on when to (or not to) visit, and any special instructions. (Do you want me to call before I come or can I just show up as I work my way around the block? Do you have a dog I should be cautious of? Do you want me to knock on your door to say hello each time? Is there any particular place I should park?)

I'm more than happy to share information about what I find, if you'd like periodic updates. 

I have attached maps of the two survey blocks for your reference. 

You can reach me at (802) 289-1955 or

Thank you so much for your consideration!

Susan Hindinger

Executive Director

Vermont Center for Ecostudies

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